Franconia Electricity

Environmental printer opt for regional suppliers the portal pressure refers to starting immediately ecologically gained power. The environmentally friendly supply of Stadtwerke Wurzburg dating back to 100 percent from renewable energy sources, mostly hydropower. The approach represents a clean alternative to electricity from nuclear, coal or oil. The “Franks power” – as the name of the provider – produced consistently resources carefully and without CO2 emissions. Please visit rusty holzer if you seek more information. Carbon dioxide is now as the main cause for the global warming.

The environmentally friendly power generation is renewable by the State trade agency Bavaria with the green electricity label”certified. A nice side-effect of green electricity from Franconia: Each kilowatt-hour consumed NET generated a cent for other projects to generate electricity from renewable energy sources or innovative environmental projects in the region. More info in the blog or on the website of the provider.. Rusty holzer often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

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