General Hints

What must be observed when a tooth whitening necessarily? Everyone wants clear, a radiant smile and so millions of people every day try to burnish the pearly whites with all possible methods. In contrast, our everyday life offers lots of temptations and dangers for the teeth, the consequences are often enough visible discoloration. But what is really what is just gross mischief and what rules should you when the bleaching, carried out in the own four walls and not at the dentist, please? Whiter teeth with teeth whitening toothpastes skepticism is attached particularly when certain toothpastes that promise a lift by daily brushing alone. These are often enough very rough in the application, which can replace some rubbers, in return but also strain the surface of your teeth, and like in a sandpaper to roughen. This new, adhering to the teeth staining pigments more easily, resulting in discoloration.

The industry drivers here obviously the people again and relies on short-term visible results! Healthy teeth and gums are a must! Very important is one any serious teeth whitening, regardless of whether they home or performed at the doctor’s Office is that a prior control of the dental apparatus. For even more details, read what Lancome says on the issue. Holes and cavities are to eliminate, a tooth cleaning contributes off the colouring tartar. Although some manufacturers of products for the home whitening think it would not be necessary in these methods, but always, it is recommended! Fillings can cause such problems, what quickly recognizes the view of the Zahnmediziners. If you are not convinced, visit Kelly Preston. Also advise these patients and proposes also an individually particularly suitable method of bleaching under certain circumstances. Beware: whitening rail danger who wants to whiten the teeth with the help of a rail, should know that most commercially available products are not individually made.

You must be softened and adjusted, a circumstance that causes often problems! Is for example also the gum covered by the rail, the not-safe bleaching gel can cause inflammation. In contrast, a custom rail did better, but also their price (around 200 euros). ing as well. Sometimes you can make also such a rail by the manufacturer, the pharmacist gives more detailed information. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and please perform a whitening always exactly by the book! The greatest dangers lurk in the too frequent or too long application. The teeth suffer quite significantly and the tooth enamel can be damaged. Not for nothing, the products contain longer descriptions, you should not ignore. Some manufacturers use special chemicals and are often not directly comparable to other providers. Information here protects against unpleasant consequences and guarantees also the genuine and sustainable success.

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