Georges Balandier

The most incomprehensible of the universe is that is understandable Einstein. The mythologies of primitive peoples, describe us the universe in a crucial struggle between two antagonistic forces, the first computer that governs the universe, and of some unknown forces that tend to disintegrate it. The Greeks to that first force gave him the name of Cosmos, a philosophical idea that originally designates the straight order State and community as a whole. The Pythagoreans were introduced the term Kosmos, its original meaning was structured nature or process in all domains of existence, since the matter until the math, or God, not merely the physical universe (Wilber). Pointed that you dominated in the nature of being a principle which was called isonomia (Greek?, equality before the law), to oppose the pleonexia (arbitrariness), and reflected the new political experience of the law which were living and which was the real source of all belief concerning the meaning of the world. This It implied that the State included a man, giving you a new existence of Bios politikos, next to his private life, which leads to distinguish in it what is own (work) and the ordinary (koinon). The human being is thus not purely idiotic, but also political, which gets in aid relationship with others in the life of the polis. In traditional societies there is a rigid system of regulations through rites and liturgies at the service of the order; but there the disorder is perceived as inherent in the order of life. In modern societies the relationship between order and disorder is precarious, as the accelerated pace of the journal live, presents challenges and pressures and instability of knowledge, codes and values that lead to uncertainty, especially among young people. Why points out Georges Balandier, which can lead to an era of Entropic contagion, social explosions and implosions in disastrous chain and madness.

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