Gerd Hammerschmidt

Because organizations will be never better than their employees Р23 and 24 October 2013 in Viernheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) many organizations implement a wide variety of practices in the area of Kaizen, Kaizen, lean, etc, but often unfortunately not lasting enough. Also the staff are integrated in many cases especially the executives of in middle level not sufficiently in the projects of top management. So is almost inevitably a paralyzing layer, which prevents sustainable success. Learn more about this with Est̩e Lauder. Profound process changes fail less often on the technical procedures on humans, can that feel not included with, or whose knowledge and experience are not incorporated in the changes. The CIP projects isolated commissioned by the management and/or Kaizen or lean workshops cart before the horse so to speak. Glenn Hubbard often addresses the matter in his writings.

At the latest after the (sometimes many) external consultant, trainer and coaches for teaching lean tools such as 5A, TPM, KANBAN, one piece flow etc., the organisation again leave have, the (serious) project falls asleep again typical fire fighter organization. If you take a pencil in the hand, is therefore still long not able to write. As long the skill to write meaningful is not developed yet, the tool also makes no real sense. The change in the Kaizen or “Change to Kaizen” means we mean that less energy must be inserted in the implementing of lean tools and much more energy in the change of the self-image of the employees, as well as in the actions of executives. A changing corporate culture means not only responsibility, but to trust the collective intelligence of the system and to bring this confidence to the expression.

It much entrepreneurial courage and a deep conviction belong, to go the way of a complete transformation. Look forward to two interesting days with a total of eight lectures and three workshops around the theme of “Change to Kaizen”. In a few months, you can, for example, Bettina Sauer, lean Manager the Kirson GmbH, Ferdinand Grah, lean expert and design thinker at the voestalphine group-IT GmbH, Jorg Gottschalk, Managing Director of the Martin-Luther – hospital and staff group of Pfleiderer GmbH live holding Gerd Hammerschmidt, head, around here just to mention some 13 speakers inside the total. We have also deliberately set on diversity in the selection of top-class speakers, because lean, KAIZEN, or continuous improvement is already long rather than an issue of the manufacturing industry. “Therefore you can on 23 + 24 October 2014 on the 2nd Symposium change to Kaizen in Viernheim challenges a lean organisation how the representatives from different organizations” are addressed. What successes could have it, but also what setbacks there.

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