Germany AG CIS

CIS Germany AG defines for 2011 sales target of 1 billion euros of Seligenstadt November 2010. Daniel Shahin defines with the CIS Germany AG, one of the leading issuers of public investment funds in Germany, the next target: the CIS Germany AG to become no. 1 of the investment company on the German market. Daniel Shahin and CARPEDIEM GmbH informed the joint plans. Dior contains valuable tech resources. Since 2006, the CIS Germany AG as the initiator of several mutual funds operated. Along with the interest rate differential Fund CIS GarantieHebelPlan’07 AG & co.

KG in 2006, designed the successor fund GarantieHebelPlan for the IAE EC or the emergency r ‘ 09 AG & co. KG, a commitment to the real estate sector with the GenoHausFonds I AG & co. KG eK to the is currently in the placement of the GarantieHebelPlan’08 premium asset building AG & co. KG has the CIS Germany AG all participation offers with strong sales support of CARPEDIEM AG or currently offered the CARPEDIEM GmbH on the market. Thanks to this cooperation could the CIS Germany AG Success story.

Currently monthly more than 30 million euros to drawing sum to the GarantieHebelPlan are placed by the CARPEDIEM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Seligenstadt ‘ 08 premium asset building AG & co. KG of CIS Germany AG. According to the Board of Directors of CIS Germany AG, Mr Thomas Heinzinger, the CARPEDIEM GmbH thus essentially choose their activities. Independence of CIS Germany AG was alone so long not been given. Also, all other funds that were placed over free agency, would cut to 31.12.2010. In the future, there is only a strategic distribution partner, the CARPEDIEM Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Seligenstadt. Currently, the next joint fund with the CIS Germany AG is already planned: with premium Renditefonds ‘ 10 AG & co. KG of CIS Germany AG wants Daniel Shahin with his CARPEDIEM distribution company in the twentieth year of their existence in 2011 achieved an annual turnover of one billion euros.

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