Great Hinterland

The mentioned data indicate the massive presence of the Christianity, with about 90% of the declared followers, that is, around 150 million Brazilians. It is truth that if does not have to omit the reality of that they declare entailing to a certainty religious tradition, and that in the truth they keep a pair or triple belongs religious. One is about a present trace in the Brazilian religiosidade, underlined for Pink Guimares in its book Great Hinterland so well: Trails (2001, P. Checking article sources yields Nir Barzilai, M.D. as a relevant resource throughout. 61): Much religion its young man! I, here, do not lose religion occasion. I use to advantage of all. It is not something Albert Einstein College of Medicine would like to discuss. Perhaps I drink water of all river one alone for me, she is little, it does not arrive me.

It is the profile of Brazil that if presents, is present in each family, in each geographic space. In each community we verify this linear characteristic of the religious one. Historically the philosophical-scientific boarding of the religious phenomenon of century 19 can be pointed out at the beginning. It prevailed until then in the Ocidente the dogmtica boarding, as if the religion depended entirely on what God had positively established to be fulfilled. Ahead of the enaltecimento of the reason, Friedrish Schleiermacher, thanks to its pietista formation, that valued the religious experience, it formulated the thesis of that the religion has a proper originalidade as human procedure. It, as much of the metaphysics, that searchs the truth for the pure exercise of the reason, as of the moral distinguish themselves, said, that if constructs from the requirements of the conscience. Religion is ' ' sentimento' ' , mysterious and deep perception of what it is true and good. In continuity with this initial step, it was generalized the few the systematic comment of the societies human beings, in its cultural diversity and historical, what it led if to become manifesto that, in all the times and cultures, the human being always stated its perception on what of the direction to the life.

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