Healthy During Pregnancy

Sports during pregnancy for mother and child, should be adapted to the individual needs of only. Since it is today absolutely de rigueur to be active in sports, many expectant mothers who question whether they are known to stop the pregnancy with the sport to avert any risks for the unborn baby naturally arises. Even studies on this subject, which is usually at least agree that sports in general quite conducive to pregnancy, so both the pregnant woman and the fetus is, obviously find no real consensus, or not have the courage to make direct recommendations the sporting nature and duration. A program adapted to the particular stage of pregnancy of sports activities with an individual feel-good factor is important in any case. To receive appropriate pregnancy sports this question is quite critical to look at while definitive recommendations are only in the rarest of cases obstetricians and gynecologists and midwives not so be there really want to set. Of course every pregnant woman front off or should continue their sport inform himself thoroughly, whether this is optimal and beneficial for a healthy pregnancy.

Here you can approach quite simple and logical to this problem, by which the relevant movement type for itself on the test bench. The kind of movement or direction of movement is crucial, because just vertical movement for pregnant women are less optimal as they occur to the example while jogging. The expectant mother will quickly realize it but with high degree of certainty if the mechanical stimuli occurring in the respective sport of are unpleasant and behave according to that applies to pregnancy such as in almost all subject areas to, what good does the mother in sports, does even the unborn baby good and is quite a healthy pregnancy. Because Yes, as just described kinds of sports with strong should be abandoned mechanical stimuli, the most team sports, ball sports, and those with excessively high body contact from the circles for the pregnancy of suitable sports.

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