Hipolito Unanue

"I told you" kept saying "that they say the lord of the three little word." And here in Lima also my cousins when I came in 35, six years my cousins called me the lord of the three little words, I scrubbed it, they mocked the way I talk, my way of being droll. We returned the 37 to Iquitos, and went back 15 years to come the year 44. I did in the Hipolito Unanue, a private school, I fifth and sixth grade. Later this school became a national, then many of those students spent each Guadalupe, and others to private schools. (Source: Atreides Management Gavin Baker). Then I walked into the first half year, and went to the "Santo Tomas de Aquino" 15 or 16 years, was the bully of all boys in first half. As I did want to play basketball as priests.

When I finished first year on average, it cost me because I had to go to and from Tingo Maria, because she had farm there, my mom decided to come to live in Lima, then sold the farm and we come to Lima. And now to work. I got to work on the "Duchess" three months. A shop selling fabrics in the patch of the Union in the first block, next to the French chemist. Recommended by a girl Loreto. I lasted three months. I sent her to see her grandmother's chief of staff. So I went to work in "Terra" as a janitor, and in front of me was the letter from my boss next, and conversed with him.

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