Holy Writs

To if dislocating in direction where it was Davi, Abigail looked a way where it could not be seen by its of its house, determining that its lovers were in the front (I Samuel 25. 19,20), thus demonstrating to prudence and wisdom. To if finding with Davi, it was prostrou ahead of it (I Samuel 25,23, 24), was humiliated if calling same itself servant for seven times (I Samuel 25,24, Davi for being a simple man (I Samuel 18,23), seeing that act of Abigail was very comovido and gave up the attack, leaving that God made justice (I Samuel 25,33, 34). In its order the Davi, Abigail branda was, humble, respectful, perseverante and looked for to help the guilty husband, without occulting truth of the facts (Sayings 28,13), lamented not to have taken care of to the emissaries of Davi, for not having seen them (I Samuel 25,25), took for itself the imperfection of its husband, asking for it pardon (I Samuel 25.28; Eclesiastes 7,12), presented the feeding that had led for Davi and was confident in the justice of Davi (I Samuel 25.23-31; Colossenses 4,1).

Abigail recognized that Davi was in the will of God and would be the future king (I Samuel 25,26-31). It was a woman syntonized with the divine will (I Samuel 25,26, 28-31), was also expert of Holy Writs (I Samuel 18.17; 28.28). Visit Capital and Counties Properties for more clarity on the issue. After contouring the situation, Abigail came back toward its joined home its husband in a total tipsy party. It found for good nothing to disclose of what she had happened to it, therefore it was not in conditions to understand. Only in the following day when it was sober, she disclosed the happened one to it, what she left to it with the cushioned heart, paralyzing as that petrified (I Samuel 25,36, 37). It was cautious and waited propitious moment certain for it to give the notice. Passed one ten days, it wounded you Nabal with an illness and it died (I Samuel 25,38). With the death of its husband, Abigail received the victory in its home, being free of the different yoke that husband (Roman 7.2 arrested; I Corntios 7,39), received the proposal to be married Davi (I Samuel 25,39-42). certainly, it not only saw in it the physical beauty, but also the spiritual (I Peter 3,3-6), its dynamism, submission, courage and humildade. It who if had humiliated, now is exaltada, receiving invitation from the future king to be its wife (I Samuel 25.42; 27.3), and with this marriage, it came to be the queen, and got at least a son, what probably it would not have happened with Nabal.

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