The same applies to the grading in other subjects. The development of new learning will be more oral, and not only in writing. Also in foreign languages, spelling errors may not be assessed. Parents are to inform about the condition between of the LRS and the performance level of the children. All addressed incentives and relief efforts are in North Rhine-Westphalia including grade 10. How can I help a child? A child suffering from a dyslexia or a dyscalculia, it needs your understanding and your support in particular. Because mostly their weak academic performance to suffer the children is it especially important that your child has a successful experience in other areas. This can include other subjects, hobbies or other recreational pursuits.

Of course noticed the child itself if it can keep up in a trade with classmates. May it peers will therefore also laughed at or scolded. You can help the child to process this experience if you with him in talk and show understanding for the feelings of his shame and grief. Even if it is necessary for this kid to practice more than other children, you should give him enough time for other things that make it fun. Homework often represent a special challenge for the affected children, their parents or HortbetreuerInnen. Probably you have seen often, that these children try everything possible to avoid homework, or refuse in angry outbursts, again to make incorrect tasks.

Something happens more frequently, most parents are understandably soon at the end of their patience. Daily quarrels because of homework can severely strain the entire relationship with the child. If this is already the case with parents, they should seek relief for themselves. Maybe you can find someone from your family or your circle of friends, who can take over the homework with your child. Because the child takes longer than others to achieve learning progress, adjust your pace to that of the child. Also includes, to detect even the smallest progress in learning and to praise the child for it. (A valuable related resource: 660 Fifth Ave). If you are only satisfied when the child can properly edit an entire worksheet, the child has little chance ever to do so. There again, it is discouraged on the way because the goal appears unachievable. If the child already writing off often makes mistakes, it is already a good performance if it writes off, for example, three words correctly. It is then the child also lauded, with more confidence in the processing of the next Approach the task. The difficulty of the task should be increased only if the child certainly dominated the previous step.

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