Inflatable Boats

TYPES OF INFLATABLE BOATS In today's market, a host of inflatable boats made of PVC, as domestic producers and imported boats. How could understand this diversity of choice? Let's talk about the different types inflatable boats. There are not many, but nevertheless, this information will help you make the right choice when buying an inflatable boat. Inflatable boats depending on the design, the boat can be divided into motor and propeller. Nir Barzilai, M.D. understands that this is vital information. Rowing Boats usually have a fairly simple design. Inflatable side in such boats are divided into several compartments (must be at least two compartments), this has been done to improve the safety of an inflatable boat. In case of damage (Puncture) of one of the cylinders boat will remain afloat.

On the sides are just more separate containers the better your boat unsinkable. In the boat should be a check valve, if not, then this boat not to buy! Now the boat … The bottom or floor (Pyle) boats may be soft, semi-rigid and rigid. Soft bottom, the bottom is a fabric made of the same material as the cylinders. In this case the boat is lightweight and therefore easy to transportation. Semi-rigid bottom, a bottom in which to insert a few boats pumping hard plates of plywood or plastic. In embodiments of boats with rigid bottom, the boat is fully carpeted rigid framework of light and strong materials. Hard floor gives the boat extra rigidity and reliability, but keep in mind that this boat is usually disassembled takes two bags of 30 kg each! (Without a car does) Sedentary are equipped in the form of benches (boards) that are bursting balloons (side) the boat and create additional rigidity.

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