Install Alarms

Generate significant revenues and create your own alarms company, using your knowledge of electricity. The installation of alarms is not something unknown by electricians, however, very few dare to venture into this fascinating profession. To be owner of an alarm installation company, I decided to investigate on the matter. Doing a survey on internet to electricians, I asked the why not appended the installation of alarms to your category, since their knowledge of electricity and its tools, venture into the category cost them so much. Ten percent of those surveyed responded that he had dabbled in that category and half of that 10 percent had been strongly devoted. What you answered ninety per cent? Those who dared to answer me with the truth I expressed: 1st reason-. To do it well and not lose my reputation, I have to learn. 2nd reason – do not want to complicate me, is difficult 3rd reason – No I can ask anyone if problems occur.

I dare not 4th Reason – No I’m accustomed to schedule things and fewer alarms 5th reason none that install alarms will want to share their knowledge. 6th reason – I will take lot of time learning and I don’t have time. 7th reason-. Yes, I have installed an alarm condition, but I do not know how to solve the problems that were presented. And I can not give service then select and analyze these responses it reaches the conclusion that there are two factors in common: 1st. Learn where to learn? And how to learn? 2nd.

the fear of the new, the unknown, and to leave the State of comfort. Learn, as it was already stated above, raises many questions in them. Who learn?. For those who have such information do not want to provide it and jealously under the keys of the silence. The possibility of sharing such knowledge to others and thus create a new competition, makes those who dominate the field of security, hermetic in providing such knowledge. And the fear to venture into an unknown world, Although very profitable, makes electricians (including many with bastos knowledge) prefer placing the reasons or excuses of not want to, before you try to start making significant money extending its field. The solution to these reasons that blocked the opportunity for extra income and even encouraged to create a small company’s installation of alarms is training in the subject and encouraged to grow. Currently circulating information is so great that it stuns, and is very difficult to detect what is seriously important, the rest I but looking with patience I investigating, excellent materials can be found and cursosque can take them step-by-step to enter in this growing and demanded profession. Knowledge of the basic principles of electricity and using tools you already own electrician are main factors to undertake this category. It must then learn to program systems one of the most important tasks and also learn to sell and organize maintenance services that provide. Venture in the exciting world of electronic security is highly profitable and places the person who makes it, in a step above in the social status. Alarm Installer is not one worker, is a professional whom the customer gives his trust and puts the safety of your family and your assets in your hands. Businessman and Marcelo Giles technical Esp.

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