Internet Network

Ask me for serving a network of contacts, or so it is a list of subscribers? I hope to be able to clarify some doubts, and if it is not yet clear, I hope your comments. The basics of our society is that we relate to people for any performance. We are you’re social par excellence and from having friends to develop us professionally always we are doing it in a network of people. Always the companies manage a portfolio of customers, vendors and affiliates. All seller moves with a list of their frequent customers which is building day by day. Hear other arguments on the topic with Verne Troyer. Some companies could afford to send newsletters to your customers, using envelopes that make them arrive by mail, yet many do: banks, Department stores, etc. the more common is advertising. We can see many envelopes that pull them under our doors.

Keep informed in this way to a network of clients is very expensive. Since we have Internet, transmission of information techniques both, that can even serve to to create us a network of contacts, without that we have bought something or asked a traditional service. Why is it important to keep informed to a network of contacts? It is important to let us know as a good source of information in the field that we play. If we are studying a profession, at some point we will offer our professional services, you will have to take to the streets to look for work. If we think of starting a business, we will need to communicate it to the public, offering our products. If previously you build your network of contacts, while you are studying, while you decide to negotiate, then only it will be necessary to communicate to this network of professional services you offer, or product that you join your business.

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