Involved School Parents

The participation of the parents in the formal education of the children must be constant and conscientious. Familiar life and pertaining to school life are simultaneous and complementary. In this direction, it is important that parents, professors, children/pupils divide experiences, day-by-day understand and work the involved questions in its without falling in the judgment ' ' culprit X inocente' ' , but looking for to understand each situation, a time that everything what if it relates to the educandos/children has to see, in some way, with the parents and vice versa, as well as that if he relates the pupils has to see, under some angle, with the school and vice versa. The school and the family, each one with its values and specific objectives in the education of an adolescent child/, constitute an intrinsic structure, where the more different they are, more they need one the other. In this manner, it fits to all society, not only to the sectors related to the education, to transform the daily one of the school and the family, through small modificadoras actions, so that this (the family) understands the importance of the objective tracings for the school, as well as its place of co-responsible in this process (family). METHODOLOGY This study is characterized as dissertativa bibliographical research for the reason that it appealed to the use of materials as books, magazines, articles, doubtful publications and the written press. Marconi and Lakatos (2001) say that the main end of the bibliographical research is to place the researcher in direct contact with everything what it was written on determined subject, with the objective to allow to the researcher the parallel reinforcement in the analysis of its research or manipulation of its information. The data raised in the theoretical recital bring reflections, arguments, interpretations, analysis and conclusions of authors, to leave, of them, a correlation with the reality of the subject in study searchs.

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