IPCC Nations

Inside of the MDL the actions would have to be guided in the following areas: production of energy through sources you renewed and less polluting; energy efficiency and incentive to the protection of the forests, reforestation and creation of new forests. The COPs, MDL and the Protocol of Kyoto function? Data of 2007 bring some numbers, also the European magazine Cafebabel.com play calling the good countries and bad pupils and backwards the following numbers reductions in the emission gases greenhouse for the European Union, using as reference the 1990 emissions: Germany, – 2,3%; Finlndia, -14,6% and New Zelndia, -2,9%. Italy, Denmark and Spain had increased its emissions, due to the increasing fsseis fuel use. In U.S.A. the periodical The Washington Post, January of 2010, affirmed that president Barak Obama, committed to reduce it the carbon emissions in 17% of carbon emitted in 2005. In my opinion the work carried through for all the agencies as the IPCC and the conferences as the COPs, is extremely serious.

However they are barred by the comprometimento politician of the nations, especially richest, whose growth almost that was total associated with the burning of the oil and the coal. Guided for the necessity each bigger time to increase its PIBs, these nations veem with bad eyes this ambientalista wave. Other nations in development, headed for Brazil, that possesss a diversified energy matrix, in transformation, guided for one politics of incentive to the research, production and consumption of cleaner energy sources, as the biomass, in special etanol, shows to a comprometimento important politician in the fight against the global heating. However, questions agrarian politics and have been impediments in the conservation and the promotion of reforestation and creation of new forests. In Brazil the last numbers divulged for the government they show a stabilization in the deforestation of the Amazonian Forest in relation to the previous years. That is, the country did not stop to deforest, only deforests the fixed taxes. These agreements have occasioned some positive effect, but little it was made by the nations in the practical one so far. Surplus scientific comprometimento, but lacks to comprometimento politician.

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