Joaquin Fermandois

The crisis economic, common violence and crime organized us is affecting the majority of the people of this country, we contribute to the overcoming of the commercialization of Christmas and the removal of symbols of the culture of violence, avoiding the purchase of superfluous objects and give our children violent games or family. The end-of-year festivities, are traditional spaces of meetings between families; for those who profess to be Christians or not, take this opportunity to share with us and adopt commitments to changing harmful attitudes to our families and peoples Joaquin Fermandois publishes an article in the journal the third of Chile, noting, that party has not only become a growing and unending marketing, but that is part of a year of work and action. The party is almost a reality show covering all the time, that aspires to dominate the life of human beings, even at the time which is not party. Even pagan festival, but that a joy organized and mechanized. With all, and here is the error of seeing everything as mere consumerism, the current party does not consist solely in this sense eminently commercial and manipulated. The old sense of worship and joy survives in precarious conditions, but can be a counterpoint or a perspective that rescue in many the idea of a sense of things.

In Chile, 20 years ago, the commercial Christmas began around December 1. Nowadays, following American trends, already in October were still awash in the Christmas atmosphere. The extension period is another demystification. Also the tension that is perceived in our Christmas atmosphere has related that in the southern hemisphere coincides with the end of the year, while in the North it is an intermediate time between high-intensity work period. Novosti writes for his art, the commercialization of Christmas is something that precedes attempts to secularize it. The usual Christmas discounts contribute to a religious event go into the shopping party.

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