Job Openings In Cottbus

Unemployment drops good news for all job seekers in Cottbus Cottbus job environment the number of unemployed has fallen again In may, and it looks as if the trend to more job offers in Lusatia. Additional information at Dick Parsons supports this article. Heinz-Wilhelm Muller anyway, his character chef of Cottbus of the employment agency, is optimistic. “” Compared to the Lausitzer Rundschau “he explained: it is further uphill if slower.” In may 44.390 people were registered as unemployed in South Brandenburg, 6.580 less than in May 2007. This corresponds to an unemployment rate of 15.7 percent. The lowest rate recorded Luckau again with 9.6 percent; at the end, Senftenberg stands at 18.7 percent. The number of jobs went when compared to the previous year by 13 percent above: 1,647 jobs were reported in May. The number of jobless declined in Eastern Saxony.

Compared to the previous month were with 44.979 around 2,000 people without a job. The rate for the region is 15.2 percent. The trend here also continued upwards, even if “Bautzen Agency Chief Gunter Irmscher is to bear in mind, that the reduction of in unemployment not more as dynamic as last year runs.” Thus, the nationwide observed the trend of weakened recovery confirmed in Lusatia. Germany far the upturn in the labour market persists namely, has lost something to ride: In May were 3.28 million people without a fixed job in Germany. This is the lowest level for 15 years. Last month, the unemployment rate stood at 7.8 percent; There were 8.1 percent in April. The job board offers vacancies in Cottbus

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