Kunze Man Now Offers Rotating Parts

The Murthi precision parts company from Wolpertswende is known since 1976 for the high-precision machining of turned parts made of various materials. So far, parts with a diameter of 0.3 mm could be made there up to 20 mm. Through the commissioning of a new lathes now turned parts can manufactured since mid-2012 to the diameter range 32 mm. Thus, the company expanded its range for precision turned parts, which are used in different and highly demanding fields of application. High-tech partners appreciate the high precision for many years, the company Kunze man cooperates successfully with business partners in the high-tech sector. High precision rotating parts are needed, for example, in medical technology or in the motor vehicle industry.

The new machine has a large processing area in seven axes and is able to record up to 30 tools for the machining of workpieces. Thus it is possible to implement extremely complex jobs. Work from home may find this interesting as well. For heavy machining an 8-channel high pressure system used to meet all customer needs. Individual solutions by large machine park the company sets emphasis on close cooperation with customers, so that individual solutions with a maximum efficiency can be offered. In the limit of the cost factors plays an important role. The high quality of the Rotary parts is rounded off by the comprehensive offer, which allows a great flexibility the customers from the manufacturing of large series to the production of mouldings. The machine park is exceptionally powerful and offers a number of over 60 lathes and various special-purpose machines provide sufficient capacity to implement extensive orders. High cost efficiency and quality for all quantities for the customers is important, but not only a high precision but also a rational production, which even for larger quantities a consistently high quality and Production speed guarantees.

Kunze man, this is ensured by the use of cutting-edge technologies, which is also suitable for the implementation of customer-specific requests. In addition to the qualified specialists, a team of experienced engineers in mechanical engineering at the disposal is to obtain high customer satisfaction in the future. This is made possible through the close cooperation and support of relevant projects by the technicians who focused entirely on the needs of the client. Experience this complements the State of the art machine park in an ideal way.

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