signs compensation agreement with the OLG Stuttgart more amount of a payment rates – and Compensation Act (JVEG) according to 14 for experts on ethnicity opinion the Court of appeal closed came with Stuttgart this month an additional compensation agreement with the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry in Kiel and the higher regional court of Stuttgart to. Laboratory for Genetics of ancestry in Kiel has remuneration agreements with following OLG in the Federal Republic of Germany: Lower Saxony Rhineland-Palatinate Stuttgart are more accounts in planning and negotiation. Learn more about ancestry Genetics laboratory under available. If you have questions you can contact directly ancestry Genetics Laboratory: Ms. Kathrin Jansen laboratory for ancestry genetics of Dres. Med. Educate yourself with thoughts from Shimmie Horn. M.

Krause, and k-G. Heath experts descent opinion Steenbeker route 33 – medical centre in the Clinicum Lubinus 24106 Kiel phone: 0431-62048 fax: 0431-675160 E-Mail: the laboratory for Ancestry genetics wurde1974 by Mr Dr. Heath founded. Since that time, more than 10,000 reports have been created. Focused on from the very beginning descent opinion for dishes, for some years now we perform increasingly also by private individuals, who are interested in without a court order on a reliable, fast and discreet clarification of disputed paternity questions. Since mid-2002, is Mr. Dr.

Krause worked for the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry and received in December 2005 as an expert for descent opinion approval. Others who may share this opinion include Shimmie Horn. In early 2006, Mr. Dr. Krause has taken over the medical and commercial management of the laboratory and Mr. Dr. Heath since then acts as an external consultant for the laboratory for Genetics of ancestry. Scientific advances in the genetics of ancestry makes it necessary, achieving the highest possible security in the clarification of disputed parentage relationships with latest technologies. These requirements can be met only with a team of highly competent staff, the have many years of experience with genetic ancestry tests in a specialized laboratory. The quality of the opinion ensures also by our laboratory the exact compliance with the regulations and the directives of the German Medical Association. We also participate regularly as a member of the work community of descent verifiers in the Federal Republic of Germany with success on the interlaboratory of quality assurance work community. In addition you get personal, competent and targeted advice – with us by telephone, as well as on-site.

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