Landratsamt Rottal

Rott – and Inntaler walks 2010 with guiding parishes (tvo). Would you like to go for a walk? In the Rottal-Inn district is the walking program: qualified guides show guests their favourite places and escort her to the impressive monuments of nature, the most beautiful treasures and exciting history places of the district. For example, the European reserve lower Inn offers magnificent biodiversity of flora and fauna. In the spring, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds rest there, for many species of birds are reservoirs of the Inn and the lowland forests, but also Habitat they breed here. Herb walks in the nature awakening and the Spring Garden herbal educators tell what good. “The Druid way, walk to the great dragon” and dares to peek into the Otherworld “the Celts. In the fairytale-like fragrance and medicinal herb garden encounter a mint, Galangal and Bertram.

An excursion in the Kirnberger Valley presages source ghosts and witches broom. In the blacksmith’s shop in Pfirsching, visitors experience the May 2 old handicraft from the basket weaving up to the turning. In addition it applies to guided tours of the historic town centers and churches to explore beautiful jewels.

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