Until today, there is a custom: the branches of juniper, consecrated in the church, store for the icons are fixed on the ceiling, in a stable, considering it a protection against disease and other misfortunes. "You know what collectors electricity conifers needle. Not only plants are medicinally their extracts, but their vegetable emanation gives a strong impact on the surroundings. " (RP, 142) as a medicinal plant juniper first used in ancient Egypt, then in Ancient Greece and Rome. Odo of Mena's poem "On the properties of herbs, writes:" It is useful and stomach. To read more click here: Nir Barzilai, M.D.. For example, the chest healing, He answering rebuked over, even nestle cough.

He is against the venoms of different file with the state aid, and from seizures, he or another of the breaks would help. Uterine defect and the disease that provides infertility, it carries; Sock it heals those who are bitten by a viper. So, if he and washed with pure water are mixed, leprosy, drive out to anoint the body shameful. " North American Indians, given the disinfectant properties of juniper, used an original way to cure tb patients. These patients permanently placed in juniper bushes and was not allowed to leave thence to a cure. Juniper has long been used in Russian folk medicine. His shishkoyagody seeds and fresh, in the form of powders, extracts were used for dropsy, cough, asthma, gout, diseases of the stomach and intestine. Belief in its antibacterial properties resulted in its widespread use in household sanitation: juniper twigs fumigated the house, stables for any infection.

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