After completion of all work by the CODING module of for mailrooms, the document leaves the system through a configurable interface. It also DMS – or Openarchiv can be addressed in addition to standard E-mail systems. A very efficient solution for passing the documents streamBASE offers with its new Web-based MailView “-System.” MailView”is a central cache for all documents and immediately without installation on the workstations can be used. Access authorized users here classified documents be made available immediately after successful processing in the mailroom entrance. Long distances or complicated distribution procedures are completely eliminated. The staff in the Department has the ability to specify different processing levels to the document next to the display. T-Mobile is actively involved in the matter.

Also the request of the original document from the post office is realized via the MailView surface. The employee sets his incoming mail no longer in folders of his Aktenschrankes that he can sort them into the MailView in a folder structure. A full-text search in the contents of the document gives him full content control of his folder. The CODING module of for mailrooms logged the entire life cycle in the company of the Inbox for each individual document to final editing by the Department. “” “Thus information such as number of document inputs per type can be in a comprehensive management report”, average processing times “, average dwell time” or number of deleted documents “query. The statistics are exactly on quarter-hour basis. The documents stored in the MailView system can be evaluated statistically.

Never again missing bills or unanswered complaints. Further information on the code module of for mailrooms can be found on the website. About the streamBASE GmbH: The streamBASE GmbH was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The core competence of streamBASE lies in the development and integration of data acquisition and processing systems. The services range from simple customizations of Web-based user interfaces to complete developments of application-oriented solutions. In addition to numerous projects to optimize computer-based processes in companies and institutions, especially one in the foreground is for the ever-growing team of streamBASE: the perfect integration of individual and demand-oriented solutions of streamBASE in existing systems. StreamBASE’s product portfolio includes also standard software such as PERSPCIO or the CODING module in addition to a wide range of individual solutions.

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