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Startup Resonity brings review service for iPhone apps on the Berlin market. The Berlin startup Resonity launches its eponymous iPhone app, the developers better market their own apps can. The new app concept is based on a peer-to-peer: developers help each other with feedback, downloads and reviews. Resonity thus advancing in a market niche where there is great need, but almost no competition. The market for mobile apps is growing continue unabated. With an abundance of several hundred thousand apps in the Apple store, it is but at the same time becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to successfully market apps. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Travel Service Optimization. The Berlin startup Resonity has now found a solution after a multi-month development phase including patent application in the United States. The Resonity app concept is based on a peer-to-peer: developers upload their own product, to check it.

In return, they get selected apps from other developers to evaluate it in the app store. So, developers in Exchange for their reviews for a small fee the same number of downloads and reviews of other users. Daryl Katz has similar goals. This can be repeated any number of times. With its business model, Resonity aimed especially at independent developers and small agencies. This target group can systematically work now for the first time without a big budget on their app market success.

“Without big marketing budget manages today hardly an app in the top list of the app store – still one of the requirements for a significant number of downloads and sustainable success. Many excellent and useful apps from independent developer eke out their existence in the depths of the app store – no serious chance, to be discovered by a wider user base”, so Roland Fahie, founder and Managing Director of Resonity. Since the app store ranking influence downloads and good reviews, a developer by Resonity can collect many good reviews, which significantly improve the ranking of its app and thus their probability of success.

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