Margaret Tatcher

In all scenarios and different times I declare myself as a strong supporter of the private sector in providing the society’s goods and services; Finally, after welfare. A conviction that is accentuated as we move into the widespread crisis that our country is going through. Understanding that we must be more pragmatic than ever, every time that the public coffers have been exhausted, and with them the ideology has succumbed. Already Margaret Tatcher said years ago: socialism is finished when just the money; the money of others. To tell the truth neither I am able to locate me politically, although I regret and blame the current leaders of left have validated that claim. Posts to look for solutions, is essential to meet the constraints of starting.

First, Spain has a level of rampant unemployment, which especially affect unskilled workers from the sector of the construction, whose personal misfortune is well known by labour lawyers. Medium-term not be provided for signs of improvement in the promotion real estate, and there are no funds for public, being works projects than the national deficit factor most damaging for public debt, and therefore our credibility within the European Union. And when this aspect has been promoted have seen how the public sector has squandered money on roundabouts and sidewalks with the well-known Plan E. certainly not known to identify investment opportunities. Second, emigration is not now a solution like yesteryear. We have seen how in full boom Dubai was erected counting with Pakistanis carried out by Marathon days in exchange for a plate of food, four coins, and a bunk in a floor where to sleep cramped patera.

Third, sectoral retraining of these workers it seems very complicated. Our country always bow to international competitors by their low productivity and the strength of the euro. It is a mistake to turn our gaze towards agriculture. We must not feel attracted by the Entelechy of autarky, but seek the higher gain possible value in trade. We need to aspire to buy food and to sell the information technologies, renewable energy and all sorts of industrial patents, r & d fruit. For this we need to count with the necessary infrastructure, and by not having her there will be granting concessions to the private sector, via agreement with the public administration and facilities. This way the company will assume investment, in exchange for a reasonable period of exploitation of the service during which will seek a profit and return on investment. Period after which the property is transferred to the administration. I do not mean only the topical and typical example of motorways. But the creation of Polygon technology, the location of all sorts of facilities, to the deployment of renewable energies, to the development of the recycling industry, innovation in public services such as the treatment and supply of water, etc. Zapatero was in the simple promise of creation of a million green jobs over 10 years. He didn’t say what resources intended to do so, when we all know these are conspicuous by their absence. The innovative and technological leap in our country would not only be good to diversify the productive structure. When it comes to realize the necessary infrastructures, human surplus real estate, be used short term as labor lawyer’s Court litigator, I can attest that they are not few.

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