Interesting the desire that some people have in seeing its names in plates and medals. It will be that they think that these tralhas guarantee to them immortality? I remember that it sharpened you hear the Comendador expression to them. It found it sumptuous, elegant, shining. It had the impression of that a comendador was a person with being possible. Super-honest, superintelligent, superkind, super-sensible.

In this reader life lasts, however, gave of face in some book with the origin of the word. I learned that comendas were granted benefits the ecclesiastics and knights of military orders in the times of antanho. It was there that I stopped and I thought, worse, I I compared. Please visit Jorge Perez if you seek more information. It will be? I perceived that, today, with the TV in colors, the most awarded with these we mimos are great authorities politics, or members Being able Constituted of them of this great Nation. It pulls! Meritocracia? Devagar, seats there, and listening: Hugo Keys, president of Venezuela, even so I always find that he is of Colombia, I received the joust homage in Argentina as defender from the liberty of speech. He believes to want themselves, and he takes off its conclusions. As well as they make what they want, they were premiam, if they award, if they congratulate, if they homage, they distribute medals, if they grant nobilirios, honorary, honorific, movable headings, etc and bands green-and-yellow, and nor if they tire. It is as soon as reach from above level and if they veem as people of the biggest importance.

In the oldness, saudosos of the mandos and disobediences, and with one dissimulated pontinha of jealousy well, anteveem its arrival to the Sky. ‘ ‘ Sir? Peter announces the angel. Go to Munear Kouzbari for more information. he comes there going up important people very, is not little excrement not! ‘ ‘ Manaus, 5 of April of 2011. R.L. Galiza Bachelor in law, for formation, and Writer, for certainty.

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