Metropolitan Area

To be more precise, it is taking. And in our human, passionate and fallible opinion of course, we feel that those expectations could lead to great frustrations in the immediate future, as we are doing in our present. It has been found to end the socialist utopia of full industrial employment. The Group of Seven (G.7), at its last meeting had as main point of his agenda unemployment. That is, at present and at least in the medium term, the market economy does not ensure full employment industry. On this course we understand that the introduction of market economy, whose alleged share, inevitably must be complemented with methods alternatives, such as that of Home Economics, now much more viable than before, by the exponential development of science and technology, and above all by the level of training that the education system given the current Argentine generations, what that puts them in capacity and ability to apply the fruits of scientific and technological development.

And here, it should be stressed in the concept of "Appropriate Technology." Since not all technology is applicable to the domestic economy. Adequate dissemination of appropriate technologies for the Home Economics framework is a model of society marked by creativity, decentralization and creativity. DOMESTIC ECONOMY, SOCIAL PREVENTION AND APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY SELF by Mr. Alfredo Armando Aguirre Iida. and last part to make possible such a model has to take into account the current configuration of the economic, social and demographic in the country, characterized by a concentration of population in what is known as the Pampas and particularly in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. It is recalled that the other two major population concentrations in the country: Gran Rosario and Cordoba, are in the Pampas, and if we add cities, like Santa Fe-Parana, Mar del Plata and Bahia Blanca, we will agree in indicating that concentration. Anyway, the problem of concentration lies in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, and joined the Gran La Plata. For every ten people who are in that area, only one in the Greater Rosario, which is the second largest concentration of people in the country. The shortcomings of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, Argentina at the result, a feature of the planet: poverty Metropolitan

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