Microwave Detectors

‘My home – my castle’ – the English say. Maximum protection to its “nest” everyone wants. Defence housing options during the existence of mankind invented mass. This complex system of locks, and durable steel doors, and impenetrable fences. However, without a doubt, today become the most modern technical means of protection, namely, the perimeter alarm system. Perimeter security systems make it possible even before direct entry into the house to fix the offender. Jorge Perez recognizes the significance of this.

They are usually fixed to protecting your ownership of the fence. Perimeter alarm system ensures that the thief will be spotted and defused in time, as has a high sensitivity. But what specifically detection tool should I choose? To begin, I must say that all means of detection can be divided into species such as infrared, radio wave detector, Microwave system and vibration system. Vibration sensor also responds to certain sound vibrations. A special system eliminates small noise and vibration alarm detector is triggered only when trying to attacker to enter the enclosed area. Radiowave detectors guard composed of several wires, between which creates a special field.

If otherworldly object, in this case the attacker fall into this field, the system will be sent to the remote alarm. Microwave detectors should handle the microwave signals. dge.. This alarm will help detect the motion of the object. Consequently, Microwave sensors are attached so that they could “see” a potential burglar. Often they can be seen on the wall of buildings or specific posts. Also deserve attention infrared detectors security. Developed several variants of an alarm, but the maximum popular detectors passive infrared sensor which reacts to heat, ie, humans and animals.

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