Mogote Potential Of ” Crossings” To Teaching Of Values And Development Of An Environmental Culture

Proposing the study of the works of Marti, and especially The Diary of Campaign at Two Rivers Santo Domingo, where the Apostle is an analysis of about 63 species of plants which are discussed in the classes of Botany, way to achieve the promotion and understanding of these elements by students. Also can they increase their general knowledge, and thus demonstrate their preparation within the current Battle of Ideas that we are waging. I. INTRODUCTION mogote Los Cruces turns out to be a gem of unmatched value, not only because it so rich in terms of plasticity and diversity of flora and fauna, but also because this hillock after being made the floristic inventory could conclude that there a large number of plants of that hillock, which were studied and analyzed by Marti passionate nature and especially to plants. Thus it was decided to deepen this research along this line because it is an important way to foster in students the values that are transmitted through the study linked the works of Marti and the contents of the course of the year: Botany this case.

Making a stronger emphasis on conservation values, protection, research … And if it comes to values, higher education must deal with them as a priority. The world is experiencing a crisis that strikes mostly human feelings and qualities in them as important as solidarity, social justice, appreciation of beautiful things that do not involve a material but spiritual support, etc .

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