More Accor Hotels In Germany

Hotel chain wants to expand in other cities in Germany more and more hotels opened in Germany. Accor has made 12 in the year, will be expectations but this year again his, because already in the last year, almost twice as many hotels were opened. The head of Accor hotels in Germany, Peter Verhoeven, reported on the tourism fair, which on average each month two new hotels in Germany are to be opened. So far it’s aim was to open a hotel, in the month reached you’ve already done in 2010. Here, the company has won twelve new openings. Basis of the growth of these hotels should be according to Verhoeven who farms franchise hotels ( franchise hotel). Compared to 2009, the number should increase these franchise companies from 800 up to 1,550 by 2015 and thus almost doubled. A quarter of the 323 hotels (75), are operated in already ( contract under a franchise, Verhoeven next.

These franchise companies are however only a “part of growth, we personally do not stop however to develop even further”, mentioned Mr. Verhoeven in the interview, because 12 of the hotels was opened in the year 2010 were specially created developments in the company. The effects which have these openings on the German real estate sales program, was also refined by Verhoeven. As a result, the European market leader only about two percent to leads in Germany of the hotels owned by. We want to raise our capital long term not in real estate”, so Vajpayee next, so for example, 13 hotels were sold and now continue as franchise operations, one separated by three hotels, it said. About 47 percent of German hotels are already under so-called firm lease contract, these are a further site of the company, but wants to improve its balance sheet ratios by converting variants energy capital strongly these companies.

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