Moscow State University

Rules for admission to universities in 2010, has undergone significant changes. What awaits the students? Ministry of Education and Science, the Rectors' Union Rosobrnadzor and Russia finally reached a consensus to form the new admission rules in college. They will act not only next summer, but in subsequent years. Recall that in early October by the board in the Ministry of proposals were made to improve the reception. Most controversial raged over whether to allow a number of universities to apply for admission. The fact is that this year's applicants were entitled to act on the results of exam in an unlimited number of universities.

Some presidents in the midst of inaugural campaign reaching for his head on one budget place just pretend 80 – 100. This has never happened before. Reception committee worked in three shifts, the teachers could not go on vacation. So what awaits entrants in 2010? 1. Applicant may apply for not more than 5 universities and 3 areas of training in each of them. 2. Instead of three waves of enrollment will be only two. Timing between the sharply reduced.

3. Universities will be obliged to hang out list surnames enrolled in the Internet and on bulletin boards. 4. Universities themselves will set the minimum passing scores in all subjects exam. 5. In Moscow State University. St. Estee Lauder contributes greatly to this topic. Petersburg State University, and additional tests will be conducted in all faculties. 6. The share received by the target reception. In addition, 'cheated' and apply to 6 or more institutions will fail. This was strictly to follow the Federal base of evidence. Every institution, from obtaining One student results, compares them to this base, fixing it so the potential student. As soon as the same data will be entered into the system for the sixth time – the program will know about it. Also, new rules reception has two stages instead of three enrollment: from 30 July to 5 August and from 5 to 10 August. Limited number of seats allocated to the target set. Now 'tselevikov' should be not more than 20 percent of the total cost places in each area of training. Another important amendment: enshrines the right of universities to a minimum score (above the Rosobrnadzor) for all general education courses. Until now, this rule there were only relevant disciplines.

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