Movie Viewing and Travel

The film is very important. On the island every town has at least one movie theater, and in turn, the “Cine-Mobile” movies leading through the villages to the homes of its inhabitants. In addition, Cuban cinema has become a way of showing the world its history, its people and culture. The characters and stories fall in love, but fall in love with their images: the beautiful and the ruined house, extensive beaches, scenes that are missing the ever-law have been on the island is a reference is the movie “Strawberry and Chocolate” (released in 1993) by filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea, known as the “father of.” The film was widely praised by international critics, announced the “new Cuban cinema” and became a cult film. Immersed in the criticism of sexist and prejudiced society where “the revolution was not fought for homosexuals,” the center of this beautiful film is the relationship that David (Vladimir Cruz), a diligent college student and right for the revolution, and Diego (Jorge Perugorria), a homosexual artist in his forties. Relationship that, at first, is of antagonism and total disrespect from the young and progressively changes toward tolerance and admiration.

Watching makes me want to travel, to travel the whole Island, to soak up its culture and it appears the feeling that not just look on the screen, you must know. The Internet portal (launched in July 2007) provides information not only from the white sands and warm waters of the nearly 300 but also its culture, so that the traveler can combine aspects of cultural and recreational excursions can design your travel plans . In turn, provides the tools for finding travel deals under the plan designed. One of the main objectives of the portal is to lower prices long term. In believe that being able to establish more transparency in the market competition increases directly and this results in lower prices. .

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