National Universities

Not can national universities continue to operate as few participatory, innovative have been doing, isolated from the national reality. More to the demands of the knowledge society, integrating new technologies, innovations in learning, internet, audio-visual media should be integrated. Should be updated, assess the scope, implications of the current races and give way to those that the country needs. Not should universities continue wasting human capital that is, should the authorities know managing human talent, so that results are favouring development, proper use of the human factor that is counted. Call for more integration, accomplishments academics, research, commitment to social responsibility. In the case of the University of Carabobo specifically, it must give way to a new generation of authorities freed from partisan, creative agencies, transformative, that once and for all rescue academicism which it has lost in some faculties.

It should not be anchoring their operability with a university management esstilo not suitable to the reality of the present, is required of leaders more patricipativos, strategists, giving passage to a new generation of professionals who can use his talent, creativity thanks to their knowledge, skills, experience, and not by political commitment, family, friendship. You must integrate more University to the problems of the region, his collaboration with proposals, provide help giving solutions. You must be more careful in the management of the human resources that possess, in promoting research that collaborate with the development of the region supported the disciplines that the University manages both pre and postgraduate level. It is time to wake up, say enough, and give way to a new generation of leaders that you conducive to the changes that the country rnecesita, that the University community claimed to be more dynamic, more committed to its mission, its scope, that properly use its resources, that is assertive in his actions, with authorities requirements demanded by new opportunities and more to a Government which generates turbulence, risks, which requires professionals capable of meeting the new challenges, follow the stagnant universities operating as they have been doing, will be doomed to failure and widely criticized fairly in the future.

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