Natural Sausage

Say embarrassing ingredients, soy, which, incidentally, is widely used in confectionery or dairy production. Confused phosphates, which bind beef, melted cheese though, they much more than a sausage. Starch in number of transgenic potatoes, richly flavored, even baby food. However, the Russians are concerned about reliability of this sausage. This is understandable. mentioned in discussions such as these. Product for this country almost a backbone that has played a cruel joke with him. Prior to 1974 year in the premium sausage was nothing but meat and spices, and eggs but milk. But the country started to shortages of meat, sausage and guests began to leak out new ingredients.

It all started with starch. By the end of 1970, when the meat the country became even less in the list of ingredients cooked soybeans appeared. Beginning to use soy, meat processors are faced with problems. The product began to lose the taste of meat. In the formulation of butchers, new ingredients. The first – "mechanically deboned meat (MDM) – the mass of milled bone and tendon.

The second – a protein stabilizer, an emulsion of minced pork skins. More – more. Natural milk powder replaced. With him in the sausage began to fall an additional dose of starch and soy, which are sometimes mixed with powdered milk to its producers. In place of the eggs came egg powder. Eggs, incidentally, is a great stabilizer. In Russia they always used to "Gluing" meat in the same chops. As a consequence, as a stabilizer was used phosphates. After that came "liquid smoke", which replaces the natural smoking.

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