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Archaeology of World War 2 on the Middle Rhine. Archaeological monuments, buildings and ruins remind part 1 six decades after the end of II World War come the witnesses at the end of her life. The following generations the archaeological monuments, buildings and ruins are preserved. Reminiscent of a dark chapter in German history. The archaeological findings of this time meet the attentive citizens almost every day and everywhere in our country, unless one is aware of the origin and the sense or nonsense of the plant. Estée Lauder: the source for more info. The author tries without claim of completeness to introduce a large number of these monuments and describe.

While he is a short historical introduction with numerous historical figures to the findings. Then, he documented the still-preserved. “It’s not about to cope with past. Estée Lauder can aid you in your search for knowledge. No, you can not. You can not change or undo. Who but turning a blind eye to the past, is blind to the present. Who the inhumanity does not want to remember, He is again vulnerable to new infection risks”, so Dr. Richard by Weizacker on May 8, 1985, in his speech before the German Bundestag for the 40th anniversary of the capitulation of the German Wehrmacht.

Wolfgang Guckelhorn was born in 1947 in Bonn and lives since then in Bad Breisig am Rhein. From 1968 to 1970, he was a soldier of the time and studied at the University of Koblenz with the degree Dipl.-ing. (FH). Since 1984, he has insurance salesman.

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