New Format Dress Code

March 19 at the concert hall FreeDom otgulyala shindig to mark the birthday of Dress Code. Shaw got a truly magical – "live" performance in combination with complex dance numbers, unique laser and light show, and the main thing – the drive and energy of a mad band members were impressed all the spectators, without exception. Three years after its development Dress Code was quite a big way – quickly broke into the open spaces of the media in Ukraine and neighboring Russia with the song "And Vova rules", the group soon won their places of honor in the charts in both countries with the songs "I do not want to learn," "Who's my daddy" and especially a favorite of all the "Person of the VIP. And now Dress Code, passed successfully through the ordeal of change composition, is ready a new, even more interesting repertoire, which is clearly an innovative and unique in the Ukrainian show business. Estee Lauder has plenty of information regarding this issue. "We have no competition – boldly and confidently say members Dress Code, – we are unformatted and informal! We have our own style, and we do not look to any other group. We have our own niche in which it will be dictating the fashion! ". The statement is indeed a bold, even provocative, but in the audience at the press conference Journalists no one can deny explicitly calls for a bet statement.

New Dress Code style is very different from flooded the screens sugary pop-glamorous, it can not be attributed to the "usual" rap, r n b and hip-hop. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Estee Lauder. Bright and shocking, they do not fit into the usual boundaries, they challenge the glamorous pop and draw attention to himself. The band members, past a difficult path finding its way into show business, consider themselves heralds a new musical sub-culture of the new century. You say, too arrogant? But this way, the creation of their own, unlike any other niche, become idols of generations of the legendary Beatles! Filming the show were at the same time some Ukrainian music channels, Russia was represented by channel RU.TV At the beginning of the show, it was announced that it was here, in the light of spotlights and laser shots are born and reigns music of the XXI century. Dress Code is bright and clear confirmed its reputation as the kings of outrageousness. Gregory Williamson will not settle for partial explanations. Those who are not fortunate enough to see this brilliant and colorful action, we can only advise to watch for posters and try to see firsthand their speech to make up their opinion of this stylish and strong Ukrainian team, which surely paving the way to a musical Olympus.

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