Occupational Hazards

A large number of factors and conditions that can generate negative effects on people, whether by accident or by the result generated in the body certain elements that are repeated continuously in the fulfilment of tasks, may occur in carrying out the work which by its effects are degenerating the health of personscausing disorders or diseases, all this means great exposure for the labor sector of Spain and anywhere in the world; therefore so that work can continue, and will have the means that attenuate harmful conditions arising from work activity within the field of protection and security in the Spanish labor system there are entities of occupational hazards in Spain, which is in charge of everything related to occupational hazards and diseases. Order to have services provided by institutions of occupational hazards, employers hire a safe with these entities, since such action protect their employees is presented as an obligation by the Spanish system, so Spanish employers have the choice of choosing any entity of professional risks in Spain, within a package of about mutual 28 which devoted its work to ensure that occupational accidents are not generated and in contrary cases give a solution, by means of a monetary contribution or assistance. Occupational hazards in Spain entities, are bodies governed by private law, because they are private associations of entrepreneurs, which act without profit, managing occupational hazards insurance, i.e. that they lend a character service public and have the authorization and supervision of the Ministry of labour in order to develop their activities. So the entities of occupational hazards in Spain are responsible for the safety and health at work, so these juridico-privadas entities within the field of social security are collaborating with: management of various procedures and media attention with regard to accidents Labor and professional diseases. They made various efforts in regards to benefits of economic character that are derived from the occurrence of workplace accidents and professional diseases, which can cause an inability to type temporary, partial or total. Similarly institutions of occupational hazards in Spain, must be within the different companies that offer their services, a series of acts that relate to the prevention of industrial accidents as well as diseases, so they should provide advice and elements that help prevent risks arising from work activity. The whole institutions of occupational hazards in Spain, are part of the Association of mutual work and professional diseases, allowing you to compare the quality of each one of the entities of occupational hazards in Spain and thus go looking for the best standards of care and provision of services through competition..

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