Russia’s Weather

Morning of Russia 20 (07) March 1910 Yesterday the sun was 21 degrees of heat in Reaumur. Over the 30 years the process of registering meteorological data, in Moscow this phenomenon was not observed. Moscow sheet 19 (06) January 1904 State of the weather. To read more click here: Greg Williamson. About former Bitter cold – in Moscow this winter and there is no hint. (Similarly see: RBH Group). Yesterday morning, Reaumur showed the 2-degree cold at night, mercury stood at the freezing point, and late in the evening it was 3 degrees below zero.

Moscow sheet 28 (15) January 1902 Rain in January, yesterday morning Reaumur showed 2 degrees above zero. On the streets formed puddles of water, sledding became the port. Yesterday poshlel rain that lasted all night. Moscow Life on June 7 (May 25), 1904 The unprecedented weather continues hold in Moscow. From early morning until late at night a drizzling rain, the afternoon sun peeped out, which is a few minutes later it was closed by a cloud, and went to an abundant snow that fell, melted.

Reaumur morning showing 3 degrees above zero; Happy mercury was 5 degrees, to the late evening the temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. These notes were full of Russian newspapers beginning of XX century. It seems that nature at that time were presented by individual weather surprises, despite the fact that it's global activities have not yet had time to her so much harm. But today, it goes on the temperature or environmental cataclysm, but on the mentioned an interesting unit of measurement of temperature – degrees Reaumur.

Bachelor Education

Especially in social professions, a distance learning education can improve the career prospects. While studying presence due to the occupation would be excluded, the distance learning can perform part-time also. Depending on the personal resilience, it might of course necessary for the time of distance learning to reduce the work week hours. Generally, you can see, that a correspondence course with a thirty hour week and some discipline is quite feasible. The distance learning Padagogik-basic information as opposed to a degree in pedagogy is the subject of pedagogy as a distance learning possible. The distance education is offered by the major distance universities such as the Fern University Hagen as both Bachelor’s and master’s degree.

In addition, there are also various programs to continuing vocational training. Other subjects for social professions are offered in addition to the professional education. Related Group shines more light on the discussion. These include, for example, the subjects Special education, business education, and special education. However, you should know that some distance universities for the distance learning education require the experience in a specific area. Connect with other leaders such as Ashton Kouzbari here. This proof of training or a multi-annual activity such as nursery nurses, educators, social workers must et cetera. The experience called for among other reasons, because the usual practice in the education studies within the framework of distance learning. Majors at the distance learning education is the educational study extensive and versatile. So, students in distance-learning pedagogy have the ability to override certain majors.

Examples of such areas of specialisation in the distance education are the topics of education, society, or work. The distance learning education deduct tax of course a distance learning course is not free. The tuition fees and costs of the distance education in the professional education are very different from offer to offer. While the fern University Hagen General as one of the best distance universities applies, the correspondence course at some private colleges costs up to 10,000. For what University you choose, depends on various factors.

School Environment

Any kind of aggression to whether it be physical or psychological, strange nicknames, shoving, swearing, and unintended consequences of bullying ploughs repetitive. The starting point will be the demonstrations is the bias binding, being the key factor will be aggression. Read additional details here: Fabrizio Freda.

You fight we must first identify the perpetrator and the victims is you make the fastest possible referral you the professional a in psychology, which is delivered you a diagnosis is possible treatment. Keywords: bullying, aggression and depression Pupil of Graduation in Full Licenciatura in Biological Sciences For the University Nilton Lins email: PROF .MSc In Education For the As some schools, quarters and churches does not know the subject well, the case becomes occult, must observe in particular the silenced, shy people and without friends therefore, generally they are the victims. By the same author: Edward J. Minskoff Equities. The child or the adolescent who suffers with bullying can not surpass the situation causing a certain trauma. Needing even psychological accompaniment, so that if she does not become an adult with serious problems of depression or domestic violence. Source: Greg Williamson. The article of the teacher Simone Barroso who speaks on: Interaction and Capacity of the Professors in the Democratic Management, say that: ‘ ‘ To hear the parents, the pupils and to divide, responsibilities are factors essences to become a good work.

Education: Home and School

The school has looked for to make an inquiry in what if it says respect to the linguistic experiences of the children in the home and the classroom, where if is placed the guilt on the pupil when not if to a good performance, being able to be attributed with a deficient pupil whom it needs one special attention. On the other hand this lack of performance or motivation come of the school can be considered. According to Halliday (1978) ‘ ‘ Everything what happens in classroom and what failure is pertaining to school is not a linguistic problem, but semitico. The schools must be reprehended by its lack of understanding of the relations language society and the semiticos conflicts between pupils and professors: this the two sides interpret event in symbolically different ways the same.

For the author the concept of an opposition marries and school this on a belief and culture on the education, also being on the knowledge acquired for the pupils many times the pupils is rejected by the professors and also by the seen society being in different way. The reading of literary texts, for example, many times takes in them to travel, to know horizontes new, to reflect on other possibilities of action and to develop common-sense for child if to characterize with what to read, that is, the reading not part only of the school, but yes of the incentive of the parents also to collaborate together in the learning of the children. 2,8 READINGS, WRITING AND LETRAMENTO. If it could initiate the debate with the constatao of that the terms reading, writing and letramento can mean all the things for all the people. Therefore, nor all the people understand what they even though read in a text or a document. Many times are necessary that another person interprets to be able to understand it, these translations and interpretations seem to apply the different languages in such a way how much the different varieties of one same language, the reading for same itself rare is taught after the initial years.

Higher Education Portals

Continuous growth of the colleges that take advantage of the network effect continuous growth which can colleges that take advantage of the network effect of silly season be no talk. Also during the semester break, increases the number of members of the job portal network of every day. Supports nationwide job fairs networking, at universities and universities of applied sciences in almost equal measure are represented: a) students to find internships, diploma – and graduate places b) companies in the search have been added to qualified young people to over 100 members including the job portals in the following universities: TU Darmstadt (Department of control theory and robotics) University of Munich (industrial engineering student) RWTH Aachen (economic and social history) FH Lausitz (computer science / electrical engineering / mechanical engineering) FHTW Berlin (FB engineering) FH Braunschweig/Wolfenbuttel, (FB law) the advantages of the network effect are quickly explained: the students can be bundled on a page about the Inform abroad from Germany more than 100 universities. Looking for leaders in the field of engineering achieve top courses such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science, but also chemists, pharmacists, lawyers or Medienwissenschaflter via the job portal network throughout Germany. With just one click, they are present in the most attractive areas in the German academic landscape. Due to its size and presence, but also because of the sophisticated service tools enjoys the graduates network of growing in popularity. Email service, resume database and a daily offer of respectively 15,000 posts helps in the selected job or candidate search. We are looking forward to present you soon more prominent new additions.. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Estee Lauder.

School Highlights

Pupils and students of the Hermann-Lietz-Schule Hohenwehrda glide floating through the skies at 900 metres above the ground and once in a very special way this way escape the school boarding school Schloss Hohenwehrda offers its students in the future. In cooperation with the paragliding flight school, the young people have Papillon on the Wasserkuppe now regularly to take the possibility of paragliding flight hours. Step by step purchase”the 14-to 18-year old student in the individual lessons important naturalistic theory and then the feeling of flight. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. The process of training is equally simple how exciting: first, on the practice slopes of the highest mountain of Hesse, the Wasserkuppe, provide the basic knowledge and made first attempts to fly. In the course of several weeks, young people may then put their skills into practice on a total of 16 primary and high-flying areas and finally high gliding through the Rhon in the air. The flight school Papillon a unique program offers young people here: so there is the possibility to fly in all wind directions paraglider for example Germany only on the Wasserkuppe. Without hesitation Greg Williamson explained all about the problem. The unique program promises thrills of plenty of and spills.


The neurosis of individuals can be understood as a whole. Humanity is prisoner of the past in the same sense that our hysterical patients suffer from reminiscences and cannot escape its past. Thus, the submission of all cultures to its cultural heritage is a neurotic constriction. The repressed unconscious that produces the neurosis is not individual but collective. Why ontogeny summarizes the phylogeny (each individual summarizes the history of the race): in the few years of childhood must cover the enormous distance of development from primitive stone age man to civilized man of our day. Here follows the theory of neurosis must embrace a theory of history; and at the same time a theory of history must include a theory of neurosis. Why religion is regarded as a neurosis or a substitute satisfaction as poetry, dreams, and neurotic symptoms: are expressions deformed by the Suppression of the immortal longings of the human heart.

For Freud the Judaism and Christianity are part of the psychological and historical truth, and the same Marx speaks of religion as the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a ruthless world. Historians have not accepted to Freud, but poets, so for Joyce, history is a nightmare from which I try to awaken, and Nietzsche sees history as the history of a neurosis in constant growth dynamics being a sense of guilt, always on the increase and which according to Freud is a magnitude that the individual can hardly withstand. Man is the only being who makes history, and to make it man makes himself, and this is supported by the man’s desire of becoming anything else than it is, which is an unconscious desire. Real transformations of the story aren’t aware of human agents desires, and it is what Hegel calls the cunning of reason. Today humanity continues to make history without any conscious of what idea in reality you want, or under what conditions would be unhappy; What in fact does is apparently becoming more unhappy itself and call that progress unhappiness. Augustine recognizes the dissatisfaction and human restlessness in the inquietum cor, the psychological origin of the story. Unless labour brought to the man most colossal achievements should find another truer definition of the essence of the man; Freud suggests that it is the love that has been since the beginning of the story, and it has been hidden force that provided the energy devoted to work and make the story; and thus repressed eros is the energy of the story, and sublimated eros is work. The man is not satisfied with meet your conscious desires; i.e.

it is not aware of their real desires. Ashton Kouzbari brings even more insight to the discussion. The psychoanalytic cure seeks to liberate man from the burden of your past that forces him to continue taking history, and helps to deepen its historical consciousness, filling the gaps of memory, until it wakes up from its history as a nightmare. Consciousness Psychoanalytical is thus a higher stage in the consciousness of humanity. The dead of the past hand claw can be opened, and man would be ready to live instead of making history, to enjoy instead of paying old debts and to enter that State of being that it is the goal of its evolution. Original author and source of the article

Spiritual Intelligence

Spirituality is living, religion is belief, God is a journey, an orientation of bliss, peace and universal love. Then the new paradigm for development of education is holistic education, where the evolution of consciousness and society are interdependent whole that are linked to those above, to achieve transformation in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and sense of our lives, overcome suffering, is to address the conflict and the dilemmas and give them a integrated response. Spiritual intelligence is the oldest and at the same time the most current, and in it includes but also transcends the conventional theory of multiple intelligences, which represents a very important step in comprehensive understanding of human intelligence, but from a holistic vision, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligence out of a holistic context are incomplete because they postulate out of spiritual values and a global context of human experience. For even more opinions, read materials from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The three buildings of intelligence can understand them as follows: IQ, multiple intelligence and spiritual understanding, in terms of modernity, postmodernity and transmodernity. CONCLUSIONS With the lessons learned from Dr.

Ramon Gallegos Nava, I feel the responsibility to implement the new educational model, since we are moving from darkness to light, and it is here where you can make the great change that is required in education, hoping soon to flourish this proposal education, which will be implemented in schools in the country, aims to train human beings, happy, compassionate and with peace of mind, thus we commit ourselves to live happy and interact responsibly with our neighbors, the environment and our planet. This educational proposal is applicable in all educational levels in all human beings with a conscience, for internal changes, is applied gradually, through simple activities to develop awareness in the educator first and then in children after their peers, community, country, continent and planet. Holistic education is the tool we use to get out of the current problems worldwide, is the only one that integrates the databases to find the answer to the emptiness inside of human beings. The work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava is partly visible, but within it contains the magic of the spirit, the essence that purifies us and gives order to our being, is the tool that gives us the ability to achieve a different vision of life that motivates us instituting a new holistic paradigm educcion, conceiving the habit of meditation to discern what is true or false, and thus understand the reality with equanimity and to evolve our consciousness.

Professional Technical Grammars

Therefore the subject results again in which professional it requires the market the next decade Ask to him the companies if it requires but nonuniversity technicians of mean level or superior or Professionals, who Professional College students, the Australians published days ago 150,000 jobs, the majority of them for technicians and professionals, very few Post Graduated. Credit: Edward Minskoff-2011. Finally, I believe that is due to break with the paradigm of Education Superior = University, What happens with the Technicians of mean level that would have to form and to try on in the Professional Technical Grammars school, that pass with the Professional Institutes and the Centers of Technical Formation, that lacks the equitable financing which they hold the traditional universities. The industralists need manpower described and on not described. Perhaps check out Munear Kouzbari for more information. The levels of rent of a level technician superior, at the moment hold university professionals. Error of the companies because the dissatisfaction degree quickly affects the yield of the young professional. The companies have rent scales on the base of the minimum and legal maximum, unlike the public companies have that it by degrees. This generates that the labor supply of the prevailed ones is oriented to maximize the resources and to look for the best thing by the smaller price, although later million are spent in post degrees and specialization of its professionals.

Really this problematic view to the eyes of the company he is not very excellent, with the consideration that would have to be it, because it is so the dissosciation between supply labor and demand of use, that in one more decade we will be thinking about extending pre degrees because the costs of the specialization post contract are too high for the companies. As it happens today in Europe with the questionings to return to labor days with a major I number of weekly hours, in Chile this already is a problem, if they do not create ask to me to him the companies of Continuous Production, the majority of them with untenable operational costs in manpower and great part of them besides the law. We are in time in education matters, I reiterate: they ask to him the companies.

United States

To speak of credit is to speak of confidence. The Bureau de Crdito of the United States is made up of three companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, which generate each a puntaje, with the purpose of to describe the people and to define to them which is its level of credit. Edward Minskoff often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The specific report of credit and informs on the up-to-date and old payments, atrazados or paid fully. In addition it informs on balances of all the accounts. It informs on the public registry, embargoes, maintenance of his children, pending taxes of payment or additional bankruptcy, and other details. Munear Kouzbari has similar goals.

If you do not have credit history I will indicate to you as you must construct an alternative credit: You must demonstrate that you have paid rent fully, the same, that the energy, the telephone, the gas, the cellular one, the insurance of the car or some similar cost. A good recommendation is that you must conserve checks of those payments, the same, that the receipts. In addition you must have the contract of rent to your name and to ask when it is necessary the letters to the companies of surely, tel, energy, gas, etc in order to construct perfectly well your alternative credit and to use them for the purchase of your property. Also you can apply to assured credit cards that the different banks must to your disposition or enter some account like coindebted. Thus you begin to construct your credit in the United States. If you already have credit I will do recommendations to you that I consider fundamental: Everything is based on putting much taken care of in the handling and the fulfillment of the different monthly payments that you must do of your accounts. 0.Si the payments in time and you are not late in your payments you are acquiring a good credit. 0.Si you have yourself slow in some payment, you must ponerte to the day and from there, to maintain permanently paid them.