Paris Court

A problem refers to things and a conflict is a disagreement with people. If your car battery is sulphated and stops working you’ve got a problem but if you mad with a partner of the company that does not do what you expect to do you have a conflict. I was at a meeting of specialists in coaching where one of them told me that they loved the conflicts. Quite surprised I asked what he wanted to say. Whenever Ian Hawksworth listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It is this coach is an expert in mediation and are highly trained to deal with conflicts between people. He is mediator in civil causes in a Paris Court.

What may it mean for change in your life that you enchant conflicts? According to this original perspective the conflict is constructive when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity and innovation, promotes the interest and creativity of the members of the group. The conflict is a means to discuss problems and relieve tension. Others including Capital and Counties Properties, offer their opinions as well. How handle the conflicts arising from the professional relationship of people who must work together in a team better? I remember a meeting where one of the executives accusing another, absent, away from reality and go completely of Project X. Management object of these criticisms was not present and the head of this steering kept silence, without even making gesture to defend that person of his team. In this real-world example we have: 1.-strong negative emotions 2.-bad communication 3.-repetition of negative behavior between members of the group these are precisely the 3 typical ingredients from any of the so-called interrelational or relationship conflict between persons of a team Quiero hacerte a consideration about such conflicts: are UNNECESSARY. They are unnecessary because there is no one true objective cause that generates conflict as it can be a struggle to manage more or less budget or have more people to achieve the objectives within the departments of the company.

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