These comprise water for people of all ages games, although its construction is especially aimed at children. With the passing of time the structure concept of this kind of amusement parks to past from being a traditional Park to a theme park. Where decoration, elements of interaction incite the aquatic world, thus taking the idea of a simple aquatic park, a theme or central idea. More important, to take into account for the design of the water parks, are children’s areas, where all the fun of these recreation centers is arguably concentrated. Points to consider for the design: aquatic parks, must count with; Additional attractions waterfalls lagoons Springs beaches, etc. In the case of natural aquatic parks, facilities are given by nature itself, although in many cases they are adapted to the needs of the user without altering its integrity.

On the other hand the water parks, where all facilities are created for man, known simply as water parks, are mostly a kind of public where spaces through areas for recreation, they create a relaxing atmosphere. For your design requires: special pools swimming pools with wave effects. Add-ins or fitments for the park such as; Open water slides water slides closed games for the children’s areas aquatic figures. Finally, these requirements are vital since the aquatic world should incite the sea, to water, to a lifetime marina, which will give life to a given environment. Because?; Simple, a water park without any attraction and containing no items additional and/or representative, hardly has a great demand within the public. By: Luisa Garcia Eric Castro, chief editor of position yourself in Quito, Ecuador. Blogs related to enjoy during your stay in Ibiza Blog of tourism and Celebrity VIP Lounge Blog Archive What completo Cool about Castro Golpes y caidas graciosas in slides Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei Agua Bendita got 35.2% in Mega Manila! Why Not Coconut! Seguira orca kills in aquatic park Sites in the Web Castro supporters heckle marchers International news round the clock RB happy with the current crop of Civil Servants Mpombo completo trial opens LusakTimes.

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