Parts UAZ Clutch

Like all the cars uaz consists of many parts. Spare parts for uaz is a complicated mechanism in the operation which should comply with established regulations and requirements. This necessity due to the desire to extend the operation of the machine and reduce the number of breakdowns. One of the most important parts uaz – single-plate dry clutch. Consists of a pressure plate with cover, compression spring and lever assembly; slave drive with friction pads and the torsional vibration damper. Clutch mechanism is mounted on flywheel bolts, balanced with the crankshaft. Circuit- traction device consists of a set on the pressure plate levers, clutch clutch with thrust bearing, the bearing cover is installed on the drive shaft gear, and forks off, installed on the clutch housing. Drive off parts of the uaz (Clutch) hydraulically operated.

It consists of hanging pedals, master cylinder pipe, hose and slave cylinder. Initially, the pedal drive is held spring. When you press the pedal master cylinder piston moves, the working fluid pressure increases and is transmitted by pipeline to the working cylinder, causing the displacement of the piston and pusher working cylinder, transferring force from the pedal to the clutch fork. Operation and maintenance parts uaz is to clean from dirt, tightening bolts, adjustment and lubrication in According to the table lubricant. After driving on dirt roads need to clean up the hole in the bottom of the clutch.

Timely release bearing grease through the cap nipple, located in right-hand clutch. Service the drive clutch is reduced to adjusting the free running off the pedal, keeping the level of fluid in the reservoir master cylinder and hydraulic drive, with necessary pumping. The liquid level should be at 15-20 mm below the top of the tank. Adjusting freewheel clutch pedal drive is necessary to make changing the length of the pusher of the working cylinder.

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