Although it is called “Game”, you may seduce the women not as see game surely you know the term, that seducing women is a game which according to your rules must be played. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mike Myers has to say. Is the term “Game”, which comes from the American comes from the local PickUpSzene. However, I think that game can just be translated with “Game”. Why not? What do you mean “Game” at all? My definition for an entertainment activity, where the (co) Player fixed and follow certain rules to determine a winner and a loser according to the aim of the game is a game. “Man get frustrated you don’t!” has, for example, the aim of the game, to get all four males in the own number – one who creates the first won, the rest of losing players. clearly named rules make sure that you “must throw out opposing males, for example, on the playing field”.

But okay – enough the rule client of the game, which everyone knows well anyway. What I would like to also? Game on the Seduction of women applied if you apply the above definition on the seduction of women, one assumes, that also the seduction is governed by fixed rules – okay, this point could be made; still somewhere dispute it but in my opinion stops when it comes to the determination of the winner and the ensuing loser – that is SO not. Who will be already the loser? Or even more asked: What is the target that you must achieve to stand out as the winner? To sleep with the wife? To kiss you? Your mobile phone number to get? You want to marry? There are many ways and everyone will interpret it any different. Just seduce – far away from any vocabulary Yes – my philosophy is there, away from this whole vocabulary to come; certainly they have their place, but ultimately it’s the enchanting and the Crackle of seduce, the queasy feeling, and not to win or lose if you want – attract a girl. Pierre wishes you all the best with the seduction of women Pierre vote student voices Thaler _ philosophy is to detach themselves from the prefabricated materials and techniques and to bring the own VerfuhrStil in each man and to develop; even more: He wants to separate itself from the “jargon”, questions terms such as “Game” and focuses on a holistic development. With its products “Girl talk to” and “Seducers are” he has since mid-2010 online.

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