Planet Water

When thinking itself about the nomenclature of the Planet Land, obviously this would not have to call Land. The indicated name more would be Planet Water, a time that 71% of the same are composed for water. The Wellington Block can aid you in your search for knowledge. When thinking about terms of conservation of this exactly Planet, will evidence that the human beings still are extremely incipient for such task. The man reached a technological level that if opposes and it does not possess weight of its moral evolution the same. But if he cannot say that all the humanity thus if holds. The water candy is so important for the man how much the foods. One knows that a man can survive some time without them, but without water, not. In the reality a necessary individual, on average, of two liters of drinking waters for its daily survival.

Since it has at least ten millenia the man comes evolving, thus, modifying its environment. It is to accept and of if foreseeing that it evolves still more It occurs that the devastao made on behalf of the high one technology and of the search for the economic power, each wilder time, comes excessively reaching of this natural resources which all the human being would have right. One of the impacts most terrible and horrendas consequences is in the enormous wound provoked for the indifference that had and that it continues having in relation to the water candy of our Planet Land. One evidenced that in world-wide levels the drinking waters become each rarer time and scarce and that construi a economic theory based on the law of strongest and of who more has and who more can. The scarcity many times is part of this wild economic policy. It occurs that water is synonymous of life and without it does not have survival and exists countries that of it already practically cannot be more benefited.

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