Political Party

The politics is something basic for the development of a society. As Aristotle the men has as reference for the maintenance of its structures, the nature. This thinker in its book ' ' Poltica' ' it describes that the nature of the men follows with the same steps of the other beings livings creature (animal and plants). This thinker supports the idea of that the animals and the plants to remain while species need to carry through the reproduction and the man follow destination the same. On the other hand, Aristotle advances in its commentaries saying that, the man is an animal politician and through the language it obtains to differentiate itself of the other animals.

Living in society, beyond the rudimentary models. Advancing in history at times we arrive at the current moment. We observe that we can be losing is reference that we find in the nature. The national scene with the heat of the spirits the politics forges an envolvement of the people in which they leave to take in consideration the thought of the other human being. It does not have space to hear, to only speak. As conceptions and vises on the politics, the political parties cravam a wild fundamentalismo that it looks to infuse in the head of the people of whom optimum for Brazil it is only on thought to the party of which it is part. It does not allow that it listens to its argument of the other while ' ' cidado' ' or same to go against the ideas that are being debated.

E, at the same time, searchs to destroy the other political parties with arguments that the extinguishing stirs up. In such a way, we can think: Where if it finds the democracy? Why the people if leave to lead for made phrases? Until point the political parties collaborate with the human development? It has somebody with proposals concrete politics? The popular masses having as reference only the political parties as conception of politics, infer in imminent risks for proper maintenance of the species human being. The desire of the people who assume definitive ' ' poder' ' in which it can modify trajectory of the life in society if will not be lined up with the basic necessities of the population can cause terrible tragedies, either in the economic or exactly social scope. Therefore, preventing to repeat what he is made with the voters and considering a reflection on this scene politician what lacks inside of all this context and perhaps practised by our ancestral ones he is something called of ' ' good senso' '. Common-sense is not an exchange where the other leaves losing for the exchange. Both leave earning. more still, common-sense used for the people, contributes for the learning of the other. To know to hear and to respect the other people’s opinion they are demonstrations of civility. As Aristotle the man left in its registers is an animal politician and as different of the other animals he has the word to promote the integration and not it social destruction.

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