Private Care Insurance

Asset protection for the patient and his relatives whether sickness, pensions and long-term care insurance: pay-as-you-go statutory social security schemes reach continuously their limits at an increasingly elderly population. No matter what the Federal Government, benefit cuts and increased contributions for the shrinking group of contributors are often unfortunately inevitable. Especially in the area of safeguarding care, many politicians demand the introduction of a funded supplementary pension to make securing long-term care in the future to a better level. A corresponding supplementary pension is already possible: within the framework of a private care insurance, about employees, civil servants, self-employed or also trainees and students already without a corresponding default policy can improve their personal security for the care case. Nursing supplementary insurance is on the one hand extremely important, because the benefits of the statutory maintenance obligation insurance already now high financial equity investments in nursing require.

To another but also to protect their own assets and also the assets and income of family members. Typically, the costs in the case of care significantly exceed the benefits of long-term care insurance. If the income of the dependent person (such as a pension or other income) are not enough to close the financial gap, this difference can be taken over by the social services. The State can reclaim these costs but by the members of care (such as the parents or the children). In this so-called maintenance of members of, the State has the right to repossess a monthly income up to certain limits. These financial risks to avoid and also, to ensure an adequate supply of long-term care, care addition insurance is advisable. This makes a certain monthly payment in case of one depending on the agreed hedging rate and level of care Long-term care and thus reduces the own surcharge. Income of members protecting about from the access of the State in case of maintenance.

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