The different production types of stickers. The production of stickers is nowadays mostly semi – or fully automatic. Motives for label printing are primarily in the Internet and the manufacturers themselves in abundance at the disposal, and also any shape is possible. Round, oval or rectangular, the selection falls the customers sometimes often heavier than him. The motives for the stickers can even be designed and then delivered by the manufacturer. No imagination in shaping at least the. Distinction between different ways of production depending on the type of sticker printing.

The individual sub-processes are primarily according to the intended use of the stickers and the cost. Especially the digital printing is ideal for stickers, which are used in outdoor applications. Estee Lauder has similar goals. There are multiple types, which differ in the printing technique and the use of the materials in this category. Whether it is with digital printing choosing a thermal printing, inkjet printing, or the electrophotographic process, the advantages of this type of production are clearly in the resistance of the sticker. Digital printing is performed on a PVC film, achieving a very good durability. In addition a layer resistant laminate or a Nano sealer can be applied, so that the stickers are best protected against adverse weather conditions.

This additional protection is used mainly for car, motorcycle and window decals, because he is both waterproof and UV resistant and washable. Sticker in the offset printing are made for indoor use. The advantage of this type of production is primarily in the economic field, as the production is very inexpensive. Since the stickers are subject to no external weather conditions, using ordinary paper rather than the PVC foil. Also these paper stickers can be fitted with a protective coating for better durability. Offset printing is ideal for return address labels and stickers for folders and envelopes. The shape and colours of the label can be selected independently of the manufacturing process and do not affect the result. Text: Manuel stock

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