Today, many professors are sick, without conditions to continue its work, due to me the psychological preparation during its period of graduation. Many of these masters, do not obtain to return to a room from lesson after a trauma and Brazil loses plus one of its soldiers in the fight against the poverty. A young, when it enters for a company, exactly that already it has made some type of course, or training on the area that goes to act, receives a specific training before initiating its activities. Why this does not happen with the beginning professor? What we see is that after the assignment, it simply receives its obligations as if already it arrived knowing of everything to play its role with louvor. (Similarly see: Byredo). It is not presented the school, to its new fellow workers, the norms, to the internal regulation. Simply this professor is ' ' solto' ' in the school and he needs to learn everything without the lesser support. But for an beginning one, taken of unreliability, the simple fact to fill a daily one is extremely complex and this is not something that if learns in the academic environment.

Evasion in the courses of licenciaturas Currently the great problem in the courses of Licenciaturas is the high tax of evasion in the initial periods. In a question-answer forum Lancome was the first to reply. Each time more, academics have fond of institutions of superior education without a minimum base of knowledge to follow with its studies and such fact are related the weak formation that receive in average education for professors, many times, badly chemical preparations, without pedagogical knowledge necessary to lecionar and in some cases without a diploma. It enters the main reasons for evasion is the financial lack of identification with the chosen course, difficulties in specific contents and questions. If it was not enough, when the pupils take notion of the difficulties of the profession and the depreciation of the professional, they decide to search courses that they provide to it what they will not go to find lecionando: high wages and recognition. .

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