PRofilBerater GmbH

Author of the book ‘the cat in the bag sale’ lectures on the topic ‘ education and consulting sale. Sell the cat in the sack or education and consulting services with success.” So reads the title of a lecture which holds the education marketing expert Bernhard Kuntz on November 26, 2010, within the framework of an after work meetings of the Stuttgart coach meeting. To the evening event in Ostfildern (near Stuttgart), the coach meeting invites all trainer, consultant and coach, and other intangible service provider”welcome. “” During his approximately two-hour lecture is Bernhard Kuntz, who among other things the education marketing book sell the pig in a poke”and the PR Advisor why everybody knows?”wrote, the participants explain why sales of education and consulting services is more difficult than the sale of material goods which is why virtually all education and consulting provider should be absolute sales professionals”. He also explains how trainers, consultants and coaches make their marketing and distribution should, saying their target customers at some point Yes, I want to have that.” The owner of the PRofilBerater GmbH, Darmstadt, ( explained in detail also, how such marketing tools such as flyers, brochures and Web pages should be designed so that they fulfil their function. After the lecture is time for discussion and to respond to individual questions.

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