The woman increases each time plus its space in the work market. Old its function was to take care of of the house, to educate the children and to be a good wife, while the husband worked to support the family. RBH Group may help you with your research. Today, the paper of the woman in the society is very bigger and with this, it came the accumulation of tasks. Beyond the responsibilities of the home the necessary woman to conciliate the daily hours of working and still to have time for the husband, itself and mainly for the children. So that it can work, the woman needs somebody that is with its children, there appears the necessity of the act of contract of a dribble, and the presence of a qualified professional who help in the care and the education of the children is basic. We know that the task to find the person certain is arduous, therefore, many times the mothers do not know to who to appeal and finish asking for references of relatives, friends and neighbors. With the emergent necessity to work the mothers they finish taking for its residences people of which it does not have many information on the qualifications, aptitudes and behaviors. Thus, an increasing number of parents is noticed whom they opt to security equipment to monitor the dribble, what unhappyly nor always it is enough.

Therefore we notice an increasing number of maltreatment on the part of dribbles to the children, who are propagated constantly by the medias, shocking the society. To prevent that ackward situations occur it is necessary that these professionals are qualified to play the important dribble function, therefore, beyond having patience, to be dynamic and educated, the dribble it must have at least 6 months of experience, to have carried through courses of qualification for this function and, moreover, to pass for a multicriteria process of election and conscription, in such a way, this dribble minimante will be prepared to exert its function next to the families. In the courses for dribbles, these professionals learn on the universe of the child, receive valuable information and tips in relation to the feeding, cares with the just-been born one, infantile development, first socorros, etc. Moreover, during the courses some aspects are observed that are considered important and essential for the dribble function, the comment of these aspects of ' ' dicas' ' if those people have aptitude to exert the function, aspects these that the parents also must attempt against themselves at the moment of the act of contract of this professional, such as; amorosidade, affectivity, maternal instinct, good mood, patience, pontualidade and pro-activity. The importance of the qualification of dribbles is perceived then. In such a way the mothers will only feel safe more, knowing that its children are under the cares of qualified person and that folloies its daily one, giving comfort, security and a presence of quality for all the family. If the dribbles passed for a multicriteria election and courses of qualification for this function, certainly number of occurrences involving maltreatment to the children would be brightened up, making with that the family if feels when leaving its children with these professionals more comfortable.

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