Quality Education

He finished the school year and the goals were not met or 50 percent, some well-meaning assume that the cause of failure is attributable to the economic crisis and measures to prevent possible human influenza epidemic that occurred in the 2009. Other, perhaps more insightful, assume that if the federal government is not interested in education as a factor of development still going to import the Alliance for Quality Education is a subject of political compromise and not educational policy. 2. Professionalization of teachers and education authorities.

This axis suggests the entrance and promotion to new positions through a competitive process through, a transitional mechanism for the 2008-2009 school year. but from 2009-210 cycle will be conducted by an independent body of federal character, that you choose or randomly select the SNTE, which obviously requires a reform of teaching career. The reality has been different: since the first public call in 2008 for teachers in service for incoming, distrust in the evaluation process due to the culture of influence peddling and opacity that treat both authorities and the union made the demand was much lower than calculated, with cases where promotion was the product of negotiation and evaluation, similar case corresponded to the incoming places where there were those who won the contest and were not accorded the square. Thus the assessment for entry and promotion supported by the Training of Teachers was buried. On the other hand, the creation of new jobs going to meet the demand for basic education was buried by the irresponsibility of the SEP is obliged to leave the state and even municipal governments.

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