Rent Apartments

First, determine for themselves the purpose of the: nest for permanent residence, an apartment, "Weekend" or meeting place of warm companies. Also, it could be an apartment for a stay of foreign customers to your company or privacy for a few days. Where do you want to live: in the apartment business, economy or premium? Second, if you are looking for an apartment for himself, think that matters: the proximity to work or the city center, the type of at sea, attic floor plan … When searching specify whether you need an apartment with furniture, or "naked." The same applies to household appliances, repair, and the presence of balconies / loggias. Third, the search can be carried out as among friends, as and contacting a real estate agency. Friends express an unbiased opinion, but real estate companies have a greater range of options.

The best outcome will be a parallel search: Notify a friend about the desire rent a property and also refer to specialists. A related site: Fabrizio Freda mentions similar findings. One option – put the text of renting an apartment in the Internet portal Fourth, no matter how good have not been reviewed or low-cost, do not be lazy to get acquainted with the landlord and the future place of residence. That way you can avoid many problems later on. Do not forget to specify the lease and settlement system.

Fifth, pay attention in detail at the first examination of the apartment. Enter the broken crane and a broken TV set: thus, during the eviction will not be any misunderstanding. Reflect in the lease all the furniture and other equipment, located in the apartment. Discuss who will pay a fee for the service apartment, telephone, security, etc. And, most importantly, no matter how looked flat, you should be comfortable to be in it. Let it become not only a removable housing, but also a place where you want to go back and spend time with.

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